Politics – Part 3

Third point: the health care bill / reform. Let’s see – 32 million Americans were not getting health care. Many businesses do not offer health care coverage for one simple fact – it costs them money. I work in an 4 man office that would cost the company about $50 a month extra for a health plan. That is right – because of that extra $50 dollars eating into their bottom line, this company goes without. Employees here have only one choice, and that is to sign up and get their own individual health plan (usually more expensive than the “bulk” deal the company would have gotten), and because of the high cost of individual plans, many individuals actually end up with no choice. Hence, the huge 32 million Americans without health insurance.

Under the health care reform, businesses are required to offer employees insurance options, and individuals are required to have it. What that means is that individual employees will take a nominal deduction from their paychecks to pay for the insurance costs (since the company bought group insurance, the costs go down, so do individual contributions therefore). This is not a bad thing, people. Health insurance is good – ask anyone who has gone through an unexpected medical issue, only to be left with a huge medical bill afterwards. Sometimes, I feel that people are reacting only because they feel that the government is forcing them to do something. Kind of like forcing them to take your medicine. Which is good for you. And will make you feel better. Guess the point that I am trying to make much of the whining is sounding so much like childish behavior – coming from people who have not had to face the inevitable: failing health.

In the end of all things, we need medical care. this is a fact. Most people live to an age that they eventually need some sort of healthcare to keep going. Why should it not be required? The fact is that people fail to get coverage then they fail to pay their medical bills. That leaves much higher bills for those of us who do care for our responsibilities. The entire community has to foot the bill for those few people who don’t seem to have the sense to know that they either have to have medical insurance or they have to pay their medical bill when they need a service.

These people cause the rates to come up so drastically that it is unreasonable. I understand the flip side of the coin as well. The fact is that some people need much less medical care than others. Why should they be forced to have coverage at all. They will handle the issue as it arises but that too often leaves the rest of us holding the bag.

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