Politics – Part 2

Let’s explore other potential clues, shall we?

First point: Remember the claims about socialism and death panels from the reactionary right during the debates before the Affordable Care Act was passed and then during the ensuring months as it was implemented? Remember Reps. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) comments “When the government controls everybody’s health care, pays for everybody’s health care, it is the government controlling everything…….How much more socialist can you get than a government telling everybody what they can do, what they can’t do, how they can live….” Well it turns out that The ACA is not socialized medicine since the customer is still buying insurance. Socialized medicine is not an insurance plan; it is a health plan where socialized medicine becomes a single payer where health coverage by virtue of being a citizen, and taxpayer money is used to cover everyone. The ACA is not that by a long shot. If any GOP president had put this same plan forward, guess who would have been heralded it as the greatest idea that will save the American taxpayer billions of dollars in health costs? The GOP. But because President Obama initiated it, the reactionary right yells socialism.

Further information about this topic will be covered.
In continuing our discourse about The Dry Heat in Politics, please read on…

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Before ACA, I didn’t have the type of health insurance that would have allowed me to see him. Thanks President Obama for your “socialized medicine” it sure has made my life better.

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Second point: President Obama and his administration believe in redistributing the nation’s wealth from the wealthy to the not so much, essentially trying to level the playing field a bit. That’s why some of the changes that have been approved will include higher taxes for the richer citizens of the nation over time. This isn’t new, people. Egalitarian objectives is a fundamental belief of the left (in fact, that’s a key differential to the right, which believes that social stratification is the way to go). What people need to realize is that the same trend of raising taxes for the rich, and redistributing “wealth” to the poor was already happening during the Bush years and no one was calling him a socialist. True, under Obama’s administration, the stages of tax hikes is accelerated, and will impact the upper class sooner, but the point is, it was already happening.

Second point: in socialist regimes, the means of production are owned by government. In the United States, the means of production are privately owned, controlled by the corporations that bought ’em. That’s what makes the US a capitalistic nation. To state that we’re heading into socialism is reactionary, and frankly, irresponsible.

Some may think it’s a political move to take your medical treatment business else where, others think its just nice to go on vacation while getting treatment at medical tourism facilities all over the world. What do you think?

We have already covered so much but there is still more. Please bare with us as we move on to complete topic at hand… Much more to come.

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