Politics – Part 1

Alright, now that Barack Obama is President of the United States, I’ve heard more than a few grumblings about the current state of things. The grumbling is never about the current affair of the White House itself though. From the outside grounds to the interior the janitorial and grounds staff really keep that place in check. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure the person who manages the janitor supplies has their check list in order. Ordering online has made it significantly easier to get what you need when you need it. Before internet stores like Clean It Supply getting the supplies you need would’ve been very time consuming, especially for a mansion like the White House. Making a trip to the store would’ve involved quite a few people as well as possibly more than one trip. Besides the inconvenience of making a physical trip to the store, being able to view well many kinds of products by type and use makes for a great way to discover new products and the best products. If only the politics of this country could be so simple! If it only took a few clicks and a couple sponges to remedy the political grumbling of both the left and right!

Indeed, many right wing media is peppering much of their discourse with hot-button, reactionary terms like “socialism”, “communism”, “revolution” and “social unrest”. According to these, government is too omnipotent and as a result, our nation is now becoming socialist.

Really? Would a socialist country allow its citizens to look for online casinos offering poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots for players in the US? The rise of online casinos all over the world has changed the gambling industry forever. More and more legislations are adopted by different post-socialist countries. This is mainly because countries like Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria or Albania have huge marketplaces and governments are facing regulations regarding online gambling for the first time ever. What about Russia, opps, I mean the Soviet Union? In 1928, when Russia was under Soviet Rule, all forms of gambling were banned. This was the case until the late 1980s. Slot machines were legalized in certain locations in 1988, and the gambling ban was lifted completely in the following year. Land based casinos began to open, and by 2002 there were over 50 operating in Moscow alone. As the popularity of gambling rose, and there was little regulation in place, the government took steps to control the activity. In 2006, they passed a law which prohibited all forms of online gambling. Up until this point, the majority of gambling sites welcomed Russian customers. Many of them continued to do so, despite this legislation. In 2017 Russia’s Ministry of Finance has drafted a new bill designed to block payment transactions with international online gambling companies. Let’s see how that works out. The US tried that and the uproar by US players resulted in a change so that now there are loads on US friendly online casino sites. Hey, and even in China there more than 251 Chinese sites that offer gameplay in Chinese or English or Mandarin and accept wagers in Chinese Renminbi or US Dollars. Well I guess we can’t gauge whether the US is embracing socialism by its citizens’ online casino habits.

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