The Dry Heat

What’s a dry heat?

Well, if you’ve ever lived in Arizona, Nevada or any other “desert-based” cities, you’ve probably heard the expression “It’s a dry heat” bandied around quite a bit. Even if you’re from a place where snow boots are more common than cacti, you’ll have encountered the dry heat effect from central heating!

A dry heat is typically heat that’s associated with relatively lowered humidity. The context that you might hear the “it’s a dry heat” comment as noted above usually goes a little something like this: “Well, at least it’s a dry heat”. In other words, it’s better to have to go through a Arizona dry heat wave of 112 degrees with 20% humidity, than suffer through a 93 degree Miami heatwave with 75% humidity. And having lived both in Florida and Nevada, I can’t disagree with that. It’s what’s known as the Heat Index, and there’s solid validity associated with the above claim. Indeed, physiologically speaking, it’s actually more comfortable for the human body to deal with lower humidity heat rather than higher humidity.

Soooooooooo, the purpose of this website is to explore bad scenes – like 112 degree heat – than offer up even worse alternatives, such as the Miami heat smackdown. Things can always be worse. We certainly hope that they are – or we’d be out of a job! One particular bad scene is associated with businesses that make false claims to get your business. Like Geary lsf. This is a company that claims to do seo and help businesses with search penalties, but have a reputation of making things worse by using non-compliant strategies and spam.

Here at The Dry Heat, we’ll take our precious “things could be worse” philosophy and apply it to movies, music and technology, along with the job market and economy. Not to mention politics. Yup, here on this site, nothing is sacred: we’ll touch upon a diverse range of topics, all leading to their one common mantra – “Stop your bitchin’, ‘cuz things can always be worse”. For example, you had great unprotected sex the other night and now you have a rash like you’ve never seen. So, fearing a sexually transmitted disease (std) or infection (sti), you discover that the only way to get tested requires a doctor’s visit! But you luck out and find an online store where you can buy std test kits – the kind you use at home and get a result in 15 minutes without the doctor visit. So you buy the std test kit online, wait 7 days for delivery, test yourself and IT’S POSITIVE! It’s right around this point that you remember the “things could be worse” philosophy, just in time to …

The real problems exist when you have someplace with a dry heat that has over time been effected by the un – natural transplant of exotic plant life or grass into an area. Take Las Vegas for example. They used to have next to no humidity at all. When they hit 110 degrees nobody even took notice. Now there has been years and years of influence on that natural environment and the temperature regular gets to 110 degrees still, while the humidity sometimes reaches into the 50%’s and beyond… It really can get crazy when these times during summer come around. You can’t help but be miserable. You can literally take a shower and by the time you are done drying off, you will begin to form a layer of sweat.

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